Measuring devices

Pressure gauge

Our high-pressure manometer is manufactured according to our strict specifications by leading manufacturers. For safety reasons, we only sell pressure gauges with liquid filling. We recommend using pressure gauges for higher pressures only in panel mounting. Normal pressure gauges should not be loaded with more than 75% of their final value in continuous operation. At higher pressures, we recommend using a high-pressure connection, as the risk of leakage is considerably lower here than with conventional connections.

We offer pressure gauges up to 7000bars. For higher pressures we use our own pressure transducers.

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Pressure transducer

Our pressure transducers have our “short connection”, with which they can be connected stable and non-rotating with high-pressure fittings. Our pressure transducers are long-term stable and do not need to be replaced every year.

We offer pressure transducers in all pressure ranges up to 16,000 bars.



The thermocouples have a connection for our high-pressure fittings and can be screwed directly into the pressure vessel. Depending on the application thermocouples up to 10,000bars and 600°C can be supplied. Higher temperatures on request.

Connector and cable length as desired.
Nipple and compression nut included.