Valves are one of the most important parts of any high-pressure system. In our construction we focus on a maximum of reliability and personal safety of the operator.

The pressurized parts are made of martensitic stainless steel like 1.4542 (17-4 PH), 1.4548 (15-5 PH) or 1.4534 (13-8 Mo). These materials have a higher yield strength than the commonly used strain hardened austenitic steels. The higher yield strength of our fittings and valves does not only result in a higher bursting pressure, but also in a better load alternation resistance and better sealing.

  • For usage with hydrogen we use hydrogen resistant materials.
  • For usage with oxygen we use specially cleaned components.
  • For usage with acetylene we do not use copper or copper alloy.

Each valve is tested for pressure and function.

Our assortment includes:

The valve has a non-rotating needle, which is pressed into the seat with a low level of wear when closing the valve. A fine pitch ensures exact dosage.
Panel mounting is extremely simple and is achieved by tightening a single nut.

We offer manual valves up to 10.000 bar/140.000 psi. For higher pressure ranges our pneumatic valves are suitable

Catalogue: Manual valves

Our pneumatic valves are suitable for remote use in all pressure ranges. They are characterized by their fast response capacity and high closure forces. The mechanism of action is like that of the manual valve, but the required force is applied by a pneumatic piston instead of a thread. In our design we include the setting force of the needle to ensure proper closing of the needle to the seat.

We supply three different types of pneumatic valves:

  • Two side piston (Our recommendation)
  • Closing with spring force
  • Opening with spring force

The size of the needed pneumatic power unit is choosen by the following criteria:

  • Inlet or outlet valve. Pressurized part is the nominal size of the valve seat.
  • Stop valve. Pressurized part is the spindle.


Catalogue: Pneumatic valves

Hydraulic valves are like the pneumatic valves for the remote usage. We adjust the drive according to given criteria, since our customers work with different operating pressures.

Every valve can also be driven by an electric motor.

Pressure relief valves are designed to protect a system from unpredictable pressure increase. The valves can be used for gases and liquids. The valves are preset to the desired opening pressure. They can be adjusted in the following ranges:


  • 250 – 700 bars
  • 700 – 2.000 bars
  • 1.000 – 3.000 bars
  • 1.500 – 5.000 bars
  • 3.000 – 8.000 bars

Intermediate ranges on request. The valves can also be supplied in a tamper-proof version. We manufacture two sizes of pressure relief valves, that are distinguished by nominal size and spring used.

Catalogue: Pressure relief valves

Check valves are one-way stop valves. Due to a higher pressure at the inlet side they open and let the medium flow. Assisted by a spring they are closed by a ball or a poppet.
Check valves are available in many variants and are used for a larger number of different functions. We offer suitable check valves for all systems, gases or liquids and as single or double check valve.

For special purposes we also manufacture unlockable versions.

Catalogue: Check valves